Digital Media Server

The Toshiba SD-H400 combines two great products in one box. The high performance of a progressive scan DVD-Video player and TiVoŽ functionality, gives you an all-in-one Digital Media Server. It will change the way you experience home.

  • High Performance Progressive Scan DVD Player/80 Hour Basic TiVo Digital Video Recorder

  • High performance progressive scan DVD player and TiVo Digital Video Recorder for a complete one-box solution

  • Digitally record up to 80 hours of your favorite programs onto built-in hard drive

  • Super ColorStream Pro Component Video Output for both DVD and TiVo playback

  • 10-Bit/54mHz Video digital-to-analog conversion with High Resolution Filter for maximum color purity, detail, and resolution

  • Front Panel Menu Control offers full DVD/TiVo menu navigation

  • Easy recording from up to 3 day on screen program guide

  • On-screen TiVo channel banner with program description

  • Manual recording capability including scheduling, repeating, recording of specific time and channel slot via the on-screen user interface

  • On-screen display of recorded content with program name, rating, station identifier, time and date

  • Control Live TV ? pause, play, slow motion, rewind, instant replay, and frame backwards for live TV

  • User can upgrade to TiVo Plus Service which includes features such as:

  • 14 day program guide, TiVo Season Pass, Wish-List, & TiVo To Do List

  • TiVo Home Media Option Capable

  • Home Media Option adds networking capability to your TiVo experience.

  • Connect two TiVo units (via USB or wireless) to your existing home network and view recordings from one TiVo unit to another in a separate room.

  • Enjoy your digital MP3 collection from the comfort of your living room.

  • View digital photos from your PC from the comfort of your couch.

  • Remote Scheduling?schedule recordings of shows at any time or anywhere you have Internet access and a standard web browser.

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