Pentax Camera/Binoculars Combo

Pentax Camera

Within its compact dimensions, the IQZoom 170SL incorporates a versatile 38mm-170mm (4.5-times)zoom lens featuring an innovative 'Switchover Zoom' system and a host of advanced functions and use-friendly features, allowing the user to swiftly and effortlessly handle all tpyes of subjects and situations. Thanks to its outstanding portability and impressive cabpabilities, the IQZoom 170SL offers the user endless opportunities to capture memorable images.

Pentax Binoculars

Featuring deluxe phase-coated prisms for high-resolution images and fully water-shielded construction, the DCF WPs can withstand some pretty heavy-duty use. Their lightweight magnesium frame and sleek deisgn give them the competitive edge on other phase-coated models.

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