Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steemer

The Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steemer, the first floor care machine to scrub, rinse and dry kitchen floors, AND shampoo, rinse and dry carpets. It's like 2 machines in 1.

As essential as vacuum cleaners are for day-to-day cleaning, they're helpless against the inevitable gunk and goo that is tracked in on the soles of your shoes. Air pollution that soils drapes also soils carpets and floors. Combined with spills and pet accidents, these contaminants cling to and soil the fibers in your carpet and make a mess of your bare floors.

Now, make your carpets and floors glisten the easy way with the Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steemer. At the touch of a button, the double-helix, deep-cleaning brushes wash, lift, groom, and extract stains, sticky residue and grime that even the best vacuum cleaners are simply not designed to remove. And unlike any carpet steamer available, the new Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steemer actually washes, rinses and dries your carpets and bare floors! It's like having 2 machines in 1.

No Mixing. No Measuring. No Mess. With our carpet and floor cleaner, there's no mixing, no measuring, and no mess because Oreck developed "Full Release," a self-contained, easy-loading cartridge of specially-formulated cleaner that works the way detergent works when you wash your clothing. The precise amount of Full Release® Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner is automatically delivered at the touch of a button. It's that simple.

Professional results guaranteed. No risk. No obligation. There's no waste. No clumsy hose hook-ups to your sink. No need to hire expensive, outside cleaning services or rent one of those outdated, cumbersome supermarket carpet cleaners (there's no telling where it's been). And, when you're done, simply fold the Rinse-A-Matic Steemer's retractable wheels for convenient storage. It's that easy every time. As with every Oreck, professional results are guaranteed the first time you use it.

Rinsing is the Difference You wouldn't dream of using your washing machine without the rinse cycle. The Rinse-A-Matic Steemer's rinse cycle removes soap residue that can easily re-soil carpets and floors. Plus, the Rinse-A-Matic Steemer keeps clean and dirty water separate, so you are never washing and rinsing with contaminated water.

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