Oreck XL21

Forty years ago when we introduced the 8-lb. Oreck XL® vacuum cleaner, the experts said, "It'll never sell. It's too light. Throw some lead in it. People think vacuums have to be heavy to clean." Well, millions of 8-lb. Oreck XLs later, it's clear that our incredibly light, incredibly powerful Oreck XLs are exactly what people wanted.

Now, we've developed the ultimate lightweight vacuum cleaner: the new 8-lb. Oreck XL21. It's destined to become the standard by which all other vacuums are judged because it comes with an unprecedented 21-year Guarantee and 21 years of FREE tune-ups! From the bottom of its double-helix, high-speed, pile-lifting roller brushes, to the top of its redesigned comfort fit Helping Hand Handle, the XL21 delivers unsurpassed power and maneuverability.

It has a thinner, yet wider powerhead that glides under beds, furniture, bathroom and kitchen toe kicks, dramatically reducing cleaning time. It offers superior edge cleaning along baseboards. Our advanced Micro Sweep system will not burr or scratch bare floors. It adjusts automatically from carpets to bare floors and for every thickness of carpet. And because it's an Oreck, it will restore the nap of your carpet the very first time you use it. Guaranteed!

HEPA-Celoc® Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning. The XL21 also offers HEPA-Celoc air filtration, which traps more than 99.99% of all particles down to 0.3 microns, including pollen, mold spores, pet dander, lint, smoke, bacteria and viruses. Then it locks them in the triple-wall disposable bags. This superior filtration, combined with 33% more efficient suction, will make your home not only look clean, but smell clean. In fact, this is the quietest residential upright you can buy. With features like longer-lasting, floor-focused sidelights and headlights, dirt can’t hide.

The new Oreck XL21 with the Violet Blue Dirt Search® is rich with features. Some, only engineers will appreciate, like its 33% more efficient, 7-blade Metaxalloy™ fan. Others, everybody will admire, like our connector air intake, which not only minimizes clogging, but also helps reduce noise. All together, this is a superior vacuum that you will enjoy for decades.

It's Worth What You Pay For It. In an economy where most vacuum manufacturers design "throwaway" appliances, guaranteed for a mere six months or one year, we've designed a lightweight, heavy-duty vacuum that protects your investment as it cleans your house. So, all the parts and pieces on the Oreck XL21 (except consumables such as bags and belts) are completely covered for an unprecedented 21 years. This is a vacuum built to standards you'd expect from luxury cars. But which luxury cars are guaranteed for 21 years? Our red-carpet guarantee means you'll get a free yearly 15-point tune up to keep your XL21 looking and running like new, free service and a free loaner vac if you need one. Simply bring your Oreck XL21 in to the Oreck Store nearest you for your FREE tune-ups (a $630 value!), and every year for 21 years, we'll replace the belt, seals and inner bag, clean the roller brush and outer bag, polish the armature, check all electrical connections, and clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of the vacuum. How's that for service?! You'll never worry about maintaining your vac again, and you'll save money knowing that your Oreck XL21 will last for 21 years or more! Should you decide not to take your XL21 in for its yearly tune-up, your warranty will revert to Oreck's unrivaled 10-year warranty. Nobody offers you more!

The 5-lb. Super Compact Canister. Strong Enough To Pick Up A 16-lb. Bowling Ball™. It's the quietest, most powerful compact canister we’ve ever built. It offers HEPA filtration. A bottom cord wrap. Quick cord release. The rubber feet are non-marring and widely spaced for secure footing. It has a super-stretch, slinky hose. It can be shoulder worn or hand-held and comes with eight accessories, plus the wand is expandable for ceilings and hard-to-reach places. And the Oreck BB1000 Canister is so powerful, it'll pick up a 16-lb. bowling ball. This incredible compact vac is free with purchase.

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