Night Owl Night Vision Monocular

Premium night vision goggles with integrated infrared illuminator. The face-mounted Night Owl Goggles™ feature convenient hands-free viewing with 1:1 real-time image projection and 1,885 feet field of view. The NOTG1 provides an extremely close-up focusing range from 9" - infinity. Additionally, the Goggles™ feature a high-performance integrated infrared illuminator for comfortable viewing in complete darkness.

  • Face-mounted design provide convenient hands-free viewing

  • Precision optics provide super-wide field of view

  • Focusing range from 9" for close-up viewing

  • Magnification :1x

  • FOV @1000yds(1000m) :1885ft(575m)

  • Power :2 AA

  • Weight :2.0lbs(907g) 6.8x6.6x4.8 in

  • Dimensions :173x168x122 mm (173x168x122 mm)

    NO-NOTG1padPoints 1,500.00pad