Genie Garage Door Opener

The Chain Glide (patent pending) technology features an enclosed in-line chain for superior reliability and strength.

The Chain Glide system, with the new enclosed in-line chain, does not rattle around like an open rail providing quieter operation.

Low Maintenance
No tensioning or lubrication of the chain is required for the standard life of the opener.

No Mess
There are no greasy chains or wires exposed! The aluminum rail has channels that conceal the chain and wire leads for a cleaner for attractive appearance.

Long Life
The reinforced metal drive sprocket provides longer life and minimal wear on the system.

Weather Performance
The Genie Chain Glide weathers all of the life’s up and downs, with reliable performance even in extreme temperatures.

The Chain Glide is equipped with a comprehensive safety package that meets or exceeds all USL, state, federal and CSA regulations.

Genie Intellicode technology prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it.

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