Garmin Street Pilot III Deluxe GPS System

The StreetPilot 3 follows in the footsteps of the original StreetPilot and Street Pilot ColorMap as a portable automotive GPS navigation system with electronic map capabilities. But it goes a step further by adding turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompting on a 16 color, higher-resolution display.

Unlike other in-car navigation systems that boast portability, the StreetPilot III does not require monthly service fees, installation, or an external processor. Instead, consumers can program street-level maps onto the included 128MB memory cartridge, insert the card into the StreetPilot III, mount the system on the dash of any vehicle, and enjoy the ease of stress-free driving. It is the most convenient, portable auto-navigation system on the market, and it's available at a fraction of the price of in-dash navigation systems.

The Street Pilot III offers true turn-by-turn navigation in America's major cities with its auto-routing feature. At the touch of a button, consumers will now have access to the shortest and fastest routes, turn directions, and estimated time of arrival at their intended destination. Along the way, the StreetPilot III provides automated voice prompts, alerting the driver to necessary turns, distance to upcoming turns, course deviation, and distance to final destination.

Includes a MapSource City Navigator CDROM with complete access to all maps.

Compatable with all MapSource CDROMS.

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