Breitling Aeromarine


Queen of the seas. Superocean was developed in the 1950s to help professional and military divers, and particularly special units. With its single-piece case and tempered crystal, it enabled dives to depths of 660 ft.. Over the following years, it became a firm favorite among the first enthusiasts of leisure diving, an increasingly popular sport. Each generation of Superocean models has distinguished itself yb its superior technical qualities that have greatly contributed to the reputation of these diverís watches. Todayís Superocean is no exception to the rule. Its sturdy steel case is water-resistant to 5,000 ft.. It is equipped with a screw-locked crown and a thick sapphire crystal glareproofed on both sides. Moreover, a safety valve enables it to balance the differences in pressure inside and outside the case. When internal overpressure reaches approximately 5 bars, the valve automatically evacuates the helium built up during the prolonged stays at great depths and thus avoids the case exploding.

Selfwinding movement. Steel case. Blue dial. Professional bracelet in steel.

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