Breitling Professional


Saving lives. Designed for pilots and aircrews, the Breitling Emergency is an instrument watch with built-in micro-transmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. Following a crash or a forced landing, for example, the Emergency will broadcast a signal on which rescuers can home in. The watch thus serves as a complement to the aircraft’s own distress-signaling equipment. The Emergency’s transmitter is activated by unscrewing a protective cap and pulling the antenna out fully. It will then broadcast for 48 hours. Over flat terrain or calm seas, the transmitter’s signal on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency has a range of about 100 miles, assuming the search aircraft is flying at 20,000 ft..

Quartz chronograph with distress transmitter. Titanium case. Black dial. Professional bracelet in titanium.

*** Special Note ***
A form will be sent to you for your full address and signature to register the transponder. Once the form is returned your watch will processed and sent to you.

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