Breitling Windrider


The reference. As the premier model within the Breitling collection, the Chronomat has rapidly asserted itself as the unassailable reference in the higly specialized field of mechanical chronographs. Initially created to equip the famous Frecce Tricolori elite flight team, the Chronomat has evolved constantly over the years, both technically and aesthetically, while maintaining its unique styling originally dictated by the demands of the famous Italian pilots. The Chronomat is immediately recognized thanks to its rider-tab bezel; its horizontal profile, a comparatively unconventional yet extremely ergonomic shape; and above all its highly legible dial fitted with instrument-panel type totalizers. In terms of its ‘engine’ power, the Chronomat lives up to its reputation, since it is ‘propelled’ by the powerful Breitling Caliber 13 – probably the world’s finest selfwinding chronograph movement with regard to both reliability and precision.

Selfwinding chronograph. Two-tone steel case. Blue dial, golden subdials. Pilot bracelet in steel.

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