Apple Power Mac G5 Combo

Power Mac G5

Enter the all-new Power Mac G5: the world’s fastest personal computer, ready to meet the high-performance, no-compromise requirements of creative professionals everywhere. At the center of this revolutionary system is the PowerPC G5, the world’s first 64-bit desktop processor, developed in collaboration with IBM and produced using state-of-the-art IBM process technology. Combine this advanced processor with the industry’s fastest frontside bus, a high-bandwidth architecture, and plenty of high-speed memory—and the Power Mac G5 outperforms even the fastest Pentium 4–based desktop computers. And since the G5 processor runs 32-bit code natively, your favorite Mac OS X applications will run faster on the new Power Mac, with no optimization or upgrades required.

The Power Mac G5 also introduces a host of leading-edge standards to the Mac platform, making digital production, scientific solutions, and everyday work dramatically faster and more manageable. High-speed PCI-X slots allow you to connect to external devices using industry-leading expansion technology. Serial ATA enables fast access to up to 500GB of internal storage 5 for huge databases and media assets, and an AGP 8X Pro graphics controller supports the next generation of graphics cards for eye-popping 2D and 3D visuals. What’s more, the Power Mac features an efficient cooling system based on superquiet, low-speed fans—all packed into an anodized aluminum chassis with easy access to internal components.

Whether you’re a film director, a musician, a graphic artist, or a scientist, the Power Mac G5 is your path to enhanced creativity and unparalleled productivity. Discover how you can accomplish things you never dreamed possible.

Studio Display (17" flat-panel monitor)

The flat-panel 17-inch Apple Studio Display gives you just what you’re looking for — razor-sharp text and graphics, workspace wide enough for your ideas to flourish, and a price that hits the sweet spot.

17-inch (viewable) active-matrix liquid crystal display that delivers sharp text and graphics

1280-by-1024 pixels for display of page layouts, large images, or even spreadsheets

Designed to work with the Power Mac G4 digital graphics interface for distortion-free images

Incredibly wide (170° horizontal and vertical) viewing angle for maximum visibility and color performance

Lightning-fast pixel response that supports full-motion digital video playback

APL-PMG5padPoints 5,000.00pad