57" TheaterWide® Projection Television

57" TheaterWide® Integrated HD Monitor Projection TV 8VSB/QAM Tuners Gemstar Interactive Program Guide IEEE1394 (DTV Link) Ports (2) Dolby® Digital Output Multi-Card Slot with JPEG Viewer (SD & SM) PowerFocus™ HD II CRTs PowerFocus™ HC Lens System Red and Green Color Lens Filters First Surface Mirror TheaterFine™ HD Super Fine Pitch Screen Built-in High Contrast TheaterShield™ TouchFocus™ Manual 9 Point Convergence Wide 160 Degree Viewing Angle 3D Y/C (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter with Vertical Contour Correction Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool) TruView™ Movie and Sports Modes Dynamic Quadruple Focus DFine™ High Speed VSM Auto Aspect Detection CableClear™ DNR+ Digital Noise Reduction ChrystalScan HDSC™ TheaterWide® Modes Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown Switch)

  • Wide Band Video Amplifier
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • HD Dynamic Contrast
  • MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®
  • SRS® WOW
  • Sub Bass System
  • StableSound®
  • 40 W Audio (Total)
  • Illuminated A/V Universal Remote Control (6 Item)
  • TheaterNet™ ICON IR/1394 Control System
  • HD Window™ Dual Tuner POP
  • Tri-Lingual Icon On-Screen Display
  • Closed Captioning on Mute
  • V-Chip
  • One Button Sleep Timer
  • Channel Return, Power Return
  • Noise Muting, Favorite Channel, Channel Lock
  • Auto-Channel Labeling
  • Video Labeling, Video Lock
  • Direct Video Input Selection
  • Speed Tuning, Game Timer™, On Timer
  • Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
  • PIP Sound
  • Speed Surf
  • 2-Level Mute
  • Front Panel Lock-Out
  • QuickConnect™ Guide
  • SurfLock™
  • Front Panel A/V/S Input
  • Dual Colorstream® HD Component Video Inputs
  • DVI-HDTV Input, Rear A/V/S Inputs (2), A/V Output
  • TheaterLink™ IR Output
  • Record Out
  • Fixed and Variable Audio Output, Center Channel Audio Input
  • Illuminated Universal Remote Control
  • Dimensions: 52 3/4" x 55 3/4" x 24" (W x H x D)

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