46" HD Projection Television

  • 46 inch TheaterWide HD Television w/ PowerFocus HD2 CRTs
  • PowerFocus HD2 CRTs
  • PowerFocus HC Lens System
  • TheaterFine HD.56 Super Fine Pitch Screen
  • Built in High Contrast Theater Shield
  • TouchFocus Auto Digital Convergence
  • CrystalScan HDSC (All-Time 1080i) with User Selectable 540p
  • Digital 3DYC Comb Filter (4MB, 10 Bit) with Vertical Contour Correction
  • CableClear DNR+
  • DFine High Speed VSM
  • Dynamic Quadruple Focus
  • Wide Band Video Amp
  • 4-Item Illuminated universal Remote with DVD Control
  • HD Window 2-Tuner POP
  • Dual ColorStream HD High Resolution Component Video Inputs
  • DVI-HDTV Input with HDCP
  • Split Cabinet Design with Lifting Handles

    46H83padPoints 2,000.00pad