20" Television Set

BlackStripe II™ Picture Tubes utilize a special compound in the shadow mask to absorb unnecessary light emissions. And to reduce reflection, tinting is built into the glass—not sprayed on as it is by some manufacturers—when the cathode ray tube is being created. Together, these improvements provide increased contrast and an 18% increase in brightness over standard tubes.


CRT Type: BlackStripe II Digital Comb Filter Audio: MTS STereo / SAP with dbx Double Baffle Speaker System Surround Sound 5 Watts Convenience: Glow TV Remote Control On/Off Timer Game Timer Closed Captioning V-Chip Channel Return Noise Muting Channel Lock Video Lock Inputs: RF Front Panel A/V Rear A/V Input Headphone Jack Outputs: None

Screen Size: 20 in Television Type: Direct View Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Standard TV Television Sound Capabilities: dbx® Noise Reduction;SAP (Second Audio Program);MTS Stereo Comb Filter (Separation Circuit): Digital Comb Filter Closed Caption: Yes On Screen Display (OSD): Yes Multi-Language On-Screen Menu: Yes V-Chip: Yes Picture-in/on-Picture (PIP) (POP): None Audio Output Wattage: 5 watts Remote Control Type: Standard Remote Control Input Connections: 1 RF Input (Coaxial RF Input);1 Rear A/V Inputs;1 Front-Panel AV Inputs Output Connections: 1 Headphone Output

20A43padPoints 250.00pad